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Admission to Unlock Academy is entirely on merit and on the basis of ability to achieve. We operate an admissions policy which ensures equality of opportunity to all applicants. Applications are welcomed from students with excellent academic potential and Unlock recognises the importance of admitting applicants to a Programme suited to enhance their knowledge and aspirations in the field of Biblical Ministry. The selection process therefore takes account of all aspects of an application and not just an applicant’s academic profile.


Applications for admission to Programmes are considered without regard to any inappropriate distinction e.g. ethnicity or national origin, nationality, disability, gender, political beliefs, marital status or socio-economic background.  Unlock believes a diverse student population is important from an educational and social perspective; enhancing the educational experience for all.


Potential students may also register for CPD Programmes. 


A prospective student shall apply on the required application form for admission to a qualification.

Application forms for admission to Unlock are available on request.


No prospective student shall be permitted to study for any qualification without prior evaluation.

The closing date for all applications, which should be submitted with the required application documentation, is January each year.

Students may not alternate between courses.




Level 2 does not specify school qualifications. Prospective student should be at least 18 years of age. Unlock applies SAQA criteria and therefore, the RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) as well as EL (Experiential Learning) are considered when a prospective student applies for the study Programme at Unlock.

Applicants must have access to a computer and be computer literate, however, legible hand-written assignments will be accepted.

A good grasp of  the English language and understanding the basics of research are also prerequisites. English as a separate subject is also presented and accredited by Independent Exams Board.




Applicants who wish to apply for admission to Unlock are required to submit the following documentation in hard copy: (It can be mailed to start the process, but original copies must be submitted.)


  • A Completed Application Registration form.


  • Copy of Identity Document or passport to be emailed to the Campus Dean ( as well as a hard copy to be submitted with application.


  • A Recent colour photograph to be scanned and emailed to the Campus Dean ( well as two (2) hardcopies of the photos.


  • A Copy of the Applicant’s Official College (High School) / University transcripts. (Unofficial copies may be submitted with the application, but upon admission to the Academy official transcripts must be sent)*This is for Degree purposes. Now only a copy of your highest qualification is needed.


  • The Applicant’s Curriculum Vitae


Supply an outline on who you are, your dreams for your life and what you would like to achieve through these studies. What do you see as obstacles or challenges to achieve your goal? And how would you overcome it? How long have you been a Christian, and give a brief account of your coming to Christ?

Have you been through water baptism? Have you been baptized with the Holy Spirit and with speaking in tongues?

A hardcopy needs to be submitted with application as well.




Unlock  Academy shall accept as correct only the spelling and sequence of the student’s surname and first names and ID number appearing on the application form.


Should a student’s contact details such as e-mail address, telephone number(s), or marriage status change, he or she has to notify the Campus Dean ( in writing.


Unlock accepts no responsibility for any incorrect information in respect of admission requirements supplied by anyone who has not been authorized to supply such information.





A registration confirmation will be issued to students at registration.


Registration as a student is valid for one (1) academic year only.


No student will be permitted to register at Unlock Academy for more than one (1) certificate, diploma or degree programme, simultaneously, in any given academic year, without the permission of the Academic Board. Such permission may be withdrawn should the academic performance of the student not be satisfactory.


Very Important: A student may not attend another Bible College whilst studying at Unlock. It leads to discontent and divided loyalty. Unlock greatly focus on UNITY in the Body.




A student who does not register in the official period of registration will not be allowed to register in that particular year.

Students who, for whatever reason, register after classes have commenced (and approved), may not lay claim to any concession regarding lectures, tests, etc. that took place before they registered.


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