Occupational Certificate: Religious Associate Professional

Qualification Rules:

This qualification is made up of the following compulsory Knowledge and Practical Skill Modules.


Knowledge Modules:

  • 263601004-KM-01, Bible and Bible Interpretation, Level 2, 20 Credits.
  • 263601004-KM-02, Basic Christian Concepts, Level 1, 15 Credits.
  • 263601004-KM-03, Worship Services and Preaching, Level 1, 4 Credits.
  • 263601004-KM-04, Basic Christian Pastoral Care, Level 3, 8 Credits.
  • 263601004-KM-05, Church leadership, Administration and Accountability, Level 2, 7 Credits.
  • 263601004-KM-06, The role of the church (Christianity) in the world, Level 1, 5 Credits.

Total number of Credits for Knowledge Modules: 59.


Practical Skill Modules:

  • 263601004-PM-01, Share the gospel in a specific context and to a specific audience, Level 2, 13 Credits.
  • 263601004-PM-02, Build caring relationships in the faith community and respond to the spiritual and physical needs of members, Level 1, 6 Credits.
  • 263601004-PM-03, Apply Christian leadership and develop leaders in a faith community, Level 2, 6 Credits.
  • 263601004-PM-04, Arrange and oversee the day to day running of ministries and of the administrative and accountability processes in the faith community, Level 2, 6 Credits.
  • 263601004-PM-05, Help people in the faith community to share the gospel, support people in need and speak out for what is right and fair in the wider society, Level 1, 6 Credits.

Total number of Credits for Practical Skill Modules: 37.


This qualification also requires the following Work Experience Modules:

  • 263601004-WM-01, Prepare and conduct worship services, Level 2, 12 Credits.
  • 263601004-WM-02, Plan and conduct teachings, and develop ministry activities, to enhance the quality of fellowship and mutual care, Level 1, 12 Credits.
  • 263601004-WM-03, Develop life skills and Christian living, Level 2, 12 Credits.
  • 263601004-WM-04, Observe the leadership of a faith community on how they lead the community, Level 1, 12 Credits.
  • 263601004-WM-05, Participate in an outreach or community development project in a community, Level 2, 12 Credits.

Total number of Credits for Work Experience Modules: 60.