About Unlock

Our aim is to develop and impart knowledge of the Word of YHWH, the Living God. Unlock Academy enables a Believer to communicate and defend it, and to prepare for the continual study of it. We provide men and women with the skills to be effective witnesses, leaders, and stewards of the Good News of Jesus, firstly, to all Believers around the world – and then to the lost souls we meet daily.



To make disciples who have a solid foundation in the Scriptural background of the 1st Century Church, in order to have an effective Bible College with signs, wonders and miracles. To promote an intimate relationship with the Holy One of Israel; to promote an understanding of holiness and obedience; and to instill within these students the desire and skill to enrol other students.



Our mission is to train Born-again Believers to serve the Lord in the different phases of the ministry, as well as prepare them for work in the market place. If you are simply seeking additional education to increase your ministry potential, our school will be an excellent choice.



Most Churches are well aware of the Unlock Group’s programmes; which are spread across cultural and denominational borders, and due to the quality of the student’s training, are welcomed with open arms into their ministries.


To promote personal, spiritual growth and become an effective Ambassador of Jesus Christ (Or Yahshua, His Hebrew Name).

Consistently observing the Truths of the complete Word of God.

To develop the Believer’s relationship to Israel.

To prepare for Biblical leadership through on-the-job training and discipleship.

To provide affordable and practical education that is sensitive to the personal needs, aptitudes, individual potential and value system of every student; to develop the whole person for a culture of life-time of learning.



The fact is that this program is specially designed for distance learning; it allows the students to study at leisure from their own homes. This enables the students to remain in their daily work while studying part-time. This is not applicable to night school students. The ideal would be that ALL students run with the pace of the program, as there is only one (1) Graduation Celebration ceremony per annum. Unlock now has a state-of-the-art website for your convenience which will become functional on DHET and QCTO Accreditation.


For further information, why not visit our Frequently Asked Questions page?